The purpose of this page is to log occurrences and happenings, from what I know of my own experiences, and what information I obtain from others within our ranks.

Last night, I stepped inside our "outpost", the gray castle, for the first time in 4 years. It was dim, cold, yet comforting in spite of all that. Nan was in the common room, feeding wood to a roaring fire there. She was the only one in the whole castle at the time, but more are coming; I was just the first of many to arrive. She gave me the critical eye, then the smile, and I sat and talked with her awhile. We had good conversation, like I had never left, and soon it felt like I never had. Trick arrived a little later on, alone. He had hoped to bring others of our crew but none came. That saddens me some, but they may come around yet. We have plenty of work to do in the meantime, plenty to talk about. I look forward to getting started, and soon will be in the thick of it.

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