I am dedicating this page to history. For now, it will be history that I remember. As things come back to me, I will add them here, and I think it will be a little jumbled for awhile, but it will give me (and us) a place to put things, to write things down, so we won't forget as easily in the future. After all, there is so much to remember...

I have decided to date them as I remember them, so they have some sort of date marking. Eventually, I'll need to create an archive, and I need to have some way to arrange it...

A man name Ludvik was instrumental in my exile. He convinced some powerful people that I wasn't good for Kerowynn; that I was no true brother of hers. I was exiled from her family's lands, into the outlands to "cleanse myself", and hopefully be purged totally.

Kerowynn remembered another one of her names: Ceridwen

Kerowynn's memories: Beds of well-tended herbs. Mixing potions and tinctures, salves, infusions. Setting bones. Chanting prayers. Bringing physical and spiritual wellness. Bringing orphans under her wing and sharing her craft with them, so that they might do the same. It all ended with the coming of the Christians.

K'wyndal - one of Kerowynn's original names.
I used to call her Wyn. A sweet fae child. Sweet yet troubled at a young age, already feeling burdened by responsibility, frustrated because others the same physical age didn't understand.

I was given charge of Kerowynn early, at Gaia's direction. She is my responsibility, to watch over and protect, forever, across planes, worlds, and lives. It is sometimes like watching over a living fire. Beautiful and strong but apt to burn things up if not careful. I was glad to take the responsibility, though it can be frustrating sometimes. I was a natural choice because of our bond, and because she cannot destroy me, whatever her emotional state. She can and has hurt me, but it is all part of our growth. Our love shields me from the worst.

Names / Phrases:
Drakkaari Norrr
- According to Kerowynn, these have to do with a vow exchanged.

- Related to the bonding between brother and sister.

I am remembering young Kerowynn, before she was a Lady. She was mischevious, flirty, and dangerous to some. She seemed to have a bottomless tolerance for alcohol, and loved wagering against men twice her size, drinking them under the table, then doing it again, sometimes twice in the same night. Her otherworld blood ensured she was rarely drunk, at least not from the weak alcohol of the human world. I watched over her, sometimes, for the good of myself as much as for hers, I think. I always felt I needed to protect her, though she often proved she had no need for such protection. She has always taken care of herself, and has persevered through situations that would bring many to their knees, cause many to just give up, let go, and die.

I have also remembered Joanna. For the first time in any of my recollections, I have remembered first meeting her, and being enraptured almost immediately. She was a serving girl, in a tavern I frequented. She always seemed more noble and down to earth than the other girls working there. And she had enchanting eyes. That has not changed. They were blue then, a deep blue. I have seen them blue, green, green/gold, and brown, and they are always so beautiful. She asked me about the medallion I was wearing, and what it meant. I told her, "It means nothing..or everything." Exuding that air of mystery that I like to do so much. She was less impressed than I'd hoped, but it didn't mean the end of a relationship we had not even started. It just delayed it awhile. She would still serve me, but asked more pointed questions, things I had more trouble answering vaguely. And each time we talked, we grew closer.

I am of Gaia, for Gaia.

My earliest recollections are from long ago. The time of 13,600 comes to me, but I am not sure in what context. It could be years or something else.

My earliest memories are of a time when all the worlds were one, and Gaia was mother of us all. We all lived together, myself and these others we now call "ancients". Some among us were ancient even then. Our community was massive, and built of nature. The trees were our home; a metropolis hidden from view except for those who knew how to look for it. Elves and others as well were there. We were all one people. There was no racial divide. We lived in peace with many different types of people, and we were all family. We lived with all and loved all, as taught by our mother, and we were happy. So very happy, and at peace.

Tragedy struck our people and our community, in the form of invaders. I am unable to recall who they were, but I remember the fires, and towering columns of smoke, as our cities burned. Many of us were trained as scouts and warriors, but having no enemies, we had no field experience. This experience was thrust on us during the invasion.

During the invasion was the first time I created a full bond with the dragon Shadowchaser, the first time I mounted him to ride for battle. I was so full of rage. Gaia asked me to stay, but I would not. I felt I could not. Those who destroyed our way of life had to pay. So I and a ragtag band of dragon riders, some of the first, flew off to seek our enemy.

What we learned too late was the invasion was just a small part of a larger change in the world. It was the beginning of the world divide, when one world split into multiple worlds, the physical and the astral being two primary splits of that original.

Gaia could not abide multiple worlds. She was born of one world, mother to one world. She fled from this change, into self imposed exile, and, eventually, deep slumber, not to return until we again have one world, undivided.

Some time after the destruction of our ancestral home in the trees, the elven fortresses of Nilfgard were built. I remember little of their construction, or our lives there. They offered protection in the form of thick stone walls, but eventually, they, too, fell into ruin. Some of our kind dream of them being rebuilt. I cannot say whether this will or will not happen, nor am I sure I want it to. What I want most is to return to life as it was at the beginning. Of that, I also cannot say whether it will happen or not.