As watchers, we observe.
As guardians, we protect.
We stand beyond the veil of the material plane.
We live in this world, and many others.
What we do is our lifework, and we know no other job more satisfying.
Our souls are bound to this, yet the bindings are not tight.
Nay, we do not struggle.

Peace is our goal, but we are all trained for war.
Sometimes, that is the only option.
We are war machines.
Those who provoke us feel wrath like none other.
Our will is strong.
Our faces are grim.
As we take this responsibility and do whatever is necessary.
To keep the peace.
So that others may live their lives unopposed,
And, for many, unaware
Of our very existence.

We travel over and through many places others from this world have not seen, except perhaps in their dreams.

We meet and interact with interesting men and women.

We also confront and do battle with many dangerous foes.